On Self-Care

Self-care means being gentle with ourselves, rather than having an attitude of violence, disdain, or dismissiveness toward our feelings and needs. The more we cultivate non-judgmental self-care in this way — that is, the more that we bring a gentle presence to ourselves — the more we can bring a sense of presence to our important relationships.

A foundation for experiencing a secure attachment with our loved ones is to be more connected to ourselves. The more we cultivate emotional self-care, the more available we become for emotional connection, and the more capable we become of self-revealing communication that allows for the growth of intimacy.

Self-Care as a Foundation for Love

I’ve almost exclusively thought of self-care in terms of giving myself a break but have hardly considered it as learning to be more connected to myself or more tuned into my own feelings.

Published by Vito Anastasia

Vito is a Business Intelligence Analyst with a love for civics. He is an active advocate and activist, especially in the LGBTQ community. He lives in Bethesda, MD with his dog and cat.

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